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Your watch battery replacement questions answered!

How to tell when you may need to change your watch battery?

The most obvious answer here is that the watch has completely stopped however there are some indications that can help to identify the issue before the battery is completely drained.

  1. Your watch is no longer keeping time, this could also be an indication that a service is required
  2. The digital display and/or watch alarm no longer function
  3. Many watches have an ‘end of life indicator’, this causes the second hand to jump in 5 second intervals, rather than every second. The watch will continue to keep time however usually within a week to 10 ten days the watch will completely stop

If your battery has stopped it is important to make sure the battery is replaced, or at the very least removed, very quickly. If not removed or replaced the battery may leak leading to watch movement or dial damage that in severe cases can be non-repairable.

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How long is the life of a watch battery?

There are many factors that can affect the lifespan of a battery, however as a rough guide a battery in a newly purchased watch should last up to 2 years, but may run for 3 to 4 years in certain cases, whereas a battery in an older watch should last between 18 months and 2 years however this can be affected by the following:

  1. External factors – extreme temperatures, humidity, or air pressure.
  2. Any additional features, for example LED displays, alarms or chronographs will drain a battery quicker than a regular analogue watch. To save battery life it is recommended to not leave the chronograph running all the time.
  3. Watch age – the older the watch is, the faster it will drain the battery.

How do I get my battery replaced by In-Time?

There are multiple options for getting your watch battery replaced by In-Time watch and Jewellery repairs:

  1. In store repair – take your watch along to one of our branches and they will provide you with an estimate for the battery replacement and advise if we are able to undertake the work while you are in store or if the watch needs to be sent to our central workshop, for accredited work. Find your local In-Time store
  2. If we do not have a store near you or you just prefer to send your watch to our central workshop you can complete our online battery replacement quote form ( to receive an instant quote, if you are happy with the estimate proceed with your online payment and send your watch to our central workshop for repair
  3. If we are unable to provide an instant quote you can complete our battery replacement enquiry form which goes directly to our team to be appraised, including images and serial numbers enables us to get your estimate to you without delay. You will then receive an email detailing your options and including a link to make payment for the work which makes payments a speedy process and you can then pop your watch in the post to us
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Are all battery replacements completed by the In-Time team?

In certain circumstances our in house team will be unable to complete a battery replacement at our central workshop, this can be for several reasons including not wanting to void an existing warranty, specialist requirement by the manufacturer, more financially viable to be sent to the manufacturer or a third-party outworker. We will always inform our customers before we send any items to any third parties and will update regularly on progress.

If I use the online postal service how long will my battery replacement take?

Timescales will vary dependent upon several factors; simple battery replacements are usually returned within 7-10 days however more complex or specialist replacements may take longer.

What else do I need to know?

As recommended by the watch houses in Switzerland we use only the highest quality silver oxide batteries. We have over 40 years’ experience and have seen most makes and models during this time and have some of the most experienced watchmakers and technicians in the industry. All battery replacements performed at our central workshop are also pressure tested and resealed (where required) and this is included in the estimate provided.

If you want to know more, please contact our friendly online team at or proceed with an enquiry here: