We are pleased to present the new Nature Collection by HIRSCH

Leaf watch straps

Meet Leaf

The leaf watch strap is made from real leaves, which are individually coloured and applied by hand to give each bracelet a unique finish. Special HIRSCH technology goes into applying the multi-layer process which ensures that this bracelet not only looks good but is also robust and durable, making it ideal to wear for sporting activities, where nature meets high performance!

This stunning statement bracelet is available in green, perfect for Spring and brown, ideal for a more everyday choice. This stunning and unique watch bracelet personifies the HIRSCH brand and this range was developed and is made in Austria.

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Limited Edition Wine

Made from wine leaves hand-picked from local organic vineyards in Austria, this Wine watch strap is the perfect example of sustainability. The freshly harvested leaves are made permanently flexible and durable thanks to a specially developed process.

This bracelet is completely animal-free and sustainable and as there are only a certain number of wine leaves from the organic vineyard that makes this bracelet a Limited Edition. It is recommended to wear this exclusive model on special occasions only to ensure you can enjoy it for a long time.

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Wine leaves watch strap