New Camouflage Collection – HIRSCH John

Dress up your watch and apple watch with the new camouflage collection. Featuring multi colour caoutchouc upper and available in 2 colour combinations.

It’s an effective pattern for concealment, usually in various shades of green and brown, and has been used by the military and in hunting since time immemorial. The pattern is distinctive, and when it’s used in nature, its purpose is to manipulate the viewer’s eye in such a way that the concealed object or person becomes unrecognisable and indeed almost invisible.

The new Performance models fit to numerous watches – from Sport watches to Smart watches.You can also dress up your Apple watch with a HIRSCH Apple watch adapter.

However, in the jungle of a (big) city this popular pattern has exactly the opposite function. It immediately identifies the wearer as a trendsetter. We are talking about the traditional camouflage pattern which has recently also become available in various unusual colour combinations, looking extremely impressive.

Camouflage Bracelet Collection

  • Sporty, classy design Embedded fixed loop
  • High-quality stainless-steel buckle in HIRSCH Classic Design
  • HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouch – the best raw material for functional bracelets.
  • Water resistant, dimensionally stable, tear-proof and resistant to external influences, such as UV light, chemicals, extreme heat or cold.
  • Perfectly suitable for people with sensitive skin