HIRSCH Watch Strap Buying Guide

Christmas time is always full of tough decisions – especially when it comes to choosing what to buy for your loved ones.

A brand new watch strap is a great way add some flair to a worn watch (or a new one for that matter). There are hundreds of different options available but our guide will help you when deciding which one to buy.

The most important consideration when choosing a watch strap

HIRSCH make some stunning watch straps, including one of our personal favourites; the Duke Metallic.

When shopping for a new strap it’s easy to go just off looks and forget about other important details. Certain models are not available in particular widths or lengths, which can make it trickier to choose:

Choose the correct size

The most important aspect of buying a new watch strap is undoubtedly choosing the correct size. Unfortunately if you are buying a watch strap as a secret gift it could prove very tricky to measure for the right size. The dimensions of the watch straps that HIRSCH make are measured in milimeters.

The width of the strap will be the same as the distance between the two watch lugs (as seen in our photo below). We’ve used a Vernier gauge in our photo but you can easily measure the distance with a ruler (or a handy HIRSCH fitting tool).

The watch strap length is also important as this is the area that will travel around the wrist. The measurements don’t need to be as accurate for the length, as they are more lenient when fitting. The table below shows the lengths (in millimeters) for the various watch strap sizes:

If you’ve ordered a strap and selected the wrong size, don’t worry! We offer easy returns and can help make sure you get the right size. Just send an email to our team and we’ll be glad to help:

The different HIRSCH watch strap collections


As a specialist in processing and manufacturing leather it comes as no surprise that HIRSCH products are almost exclusively made from leather. The calf skin used for HIRSCH leather watch straps offers exceptional aesthetics and quality (often featuring deliberately unaltered surfaces which enhances their originality).

Additional processing and refining only enhances the natural surface structure further. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process (and the materials used) each bracelet is unique and has its own distinct colour shade and surface.

Leather watch straps are perfect for everyday use and look great with a variety of watches. Their wearing comfort and pleasing aesthetics are a nice balance, at an exceptional price point.

Exotic Leather

A more luxurious choice is a strap from the exotic leather collection. Watch straps from this collection come at a higher price point but are made from various precious leather types, including: Louisiana alligator, crocodile and lizard.

Alligator skin is one of the most sought after leather types in the watch world. Due to the nature of the skin each watch strap offers unique characteristics. HIRSCH solely use alligator and crocodile skins which are processed according to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) rules and regulations.

Exotic leather watch straps are perfect for those special occasions and for really adding that “wow” factor. They look great paired with vintage and luxury watch brands and are guaranteed to turn heads.

HIRSCH Tritone
HIRSCH Tritone Vintage Alligator

Vegan & Nature

HIRSCH also product a number of unique watch straps, which are made from 100% none animal materials.

This collection features characteristic watch straps such as Leaf (made entirely from leaves)  and Birch (made from sustainably sourced birch wood).

Products from the Vegan & Nature range are a stylish alternative to leather straps.


Watch straps from this collection are made from premium caoutchouc, which is refined by means of specific additives. Rubber watch straps are highly durable, elastic, tear proof and skin friendly. They are also resilient and are resistant to sweat, moisture, UV light and various chemicals.

Straps from the performance range feature caoutchouc cores with a leather outer (offering a great combination of comfort and style).

Rubber watch straps are great for those who like to keep active. The resilience and comfort make them great for use when exercising and playing sports.

Clapping hands together with HIRSCH Watch straps

Taking Care Of Your HIRSCH Watch Strap

Leather is a versatile material which has been used for thousands of years, in a huge variety of apparel. HIRSCH use quality leather for their products and as such they are susceptible to environmental factors. The tanning process used for leathers provides durability but the leather can also age and look worn, over time.

Leather used by HIRSCH is of select quality and does not require greasing (as would be the case with many shoe leathers). Factors that can influence the condition of the leather include:

– Sweat

– Hand creams

– Perfume

Thankfully there are ways to care for your leather HIRSCH strap, which can keep it looking fantastic and aid it’s longevity. You can simply rinse the bottom of your watch strap with lukewarm water (or wipe it with a moist, cotton cloth) and then let it dry afterwards.

Choose The Perfect Gift This Christmas

HIRSCH Christmas watch straps

HIRSCH Crocograin

Golden brown


Dark green
Golden brown

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