HIRSCH Kasuri – A Japanese Themed Watch Strap For Denim Lovers

Kasuri 絣

Kasuri (絣) is a Japanese term for a fabric that has been woven with fibers that have been specifically dyes to make patterns.

The word Kasuri is derived from the Japanese term “kasureru” which means blurred (which shows in the finished textiles which are normally blurry or splashed in appearance).

Characteristics of the watch strap

The HIRSCH Kasuri is part of the performance range and mixes extravagance and functionality to make a fierce combination. The HIRSCH Caoutchouc core ensures maximum wearing comfort and makes this strap suitable for use when exercising or playing sports.

The Kasuri is completely animal free and also feature the HIRSCH quick release system.

The Kasuri is available in blue (with a brown rubber core) and is available in 20mm / 22mm attachment width. Each watch strap comes with a stainless steel HIRSCH tradition buckle.

Update the look of your Apple watch with Kasuri

The Kasuri watch strap is suitable for Apple watches (using the HIRSCH Apple adapter). The Apple adapter slides into your watch case at one end and features spring bars on the other end, for the watch strap.

The adapters will allow fitting of watch straps that are 20mm or 22mm width:

  • If your Apple watch case is 38mm or 40mm you need the 20mm adapter size.
  • If your apple watch case is 42mm or 44mm you need the 22mm adapter size.

The adapter is also available in 3 finishes: rose gold, silver and black.