Dress Up Your Watch

The new HIRSCH Female Performance: Sport meets Fashion! The innovative combination of leather and HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc for optimum wearing comfort.

The introduction of our HIRSCH Performance Collection, back in 2014 marked the beginning of an exceptional success story that we continue with the presentation of innovative novelties every year.

The “best of both worlds” – like we used to call the combination of an individually designed surface and a functional caoutchouc core – was then honoured with the renowned red-dot design award just one year later. In its original classic sporty version more often worn by men, we have continuously developed the collection further and expanded the range with interesting material-innovations. By popular request of female watch-wearers the new collection offers now a ladies’ version named “Lindsey”.

The new Performance models fit to numerous watches – from Sport watches to Smart watches.

The much longed for, female Performance model is named “Lindsey” and shares the same remarkable “inner values” like the other Performance models!

That is to say a highly functional core made from coloured HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc offering high resistance, diverse (sporty) applications and excellent wear qualities. The claim on aesthetic femininity on the outside is met by finest calf leather in an optionally soft rose tone with an elegant, pearly shimmer, or an expressive pink inevitably turning it into an eye-catcher.

Lindsey Bracelet Details

  • Sporty-classic design
  • Premium Caoutchouc with unique surface – so that your skin
    can breathe.
  • Water resistant
  • Sccentuated patent stitching
  • Embedded fixed loop
  • High- quality stainless steel buckle in HIRSCH Classic Design